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Street Spec (SS)


Recommended oil for spirited driving, cars that are driven in the toughest conditions, and high mileage cars. Our proprietary synthetic oil will protect and keep your engine running smoothly.

  • Street Spec SN 10W-40 high performance motor oil is designed for cars that are frequently driven to the limit, high mileage cars and cars driven in harsh conditions 
  • Proprietary full synthetic oil that protects your engine at high operating temperatures while better lubricating the surfaces allowing the engine to simultaneously run smoothly.  
  • Special additives that prevent oil sludging, keeping the engine clean and prolonging engine life.
  • Perfect oil for JDM sports cars, American and European cars, turbo engines and SUVs.
Category: Four wheels engine oil

Type: 100% Synthetic (VHVI)

Base Oil: Group III

Purpose: Four Cycle Engine

Viscosity: 10W-40

Equivalent to the following oil service classifications:

SP Grade / LSPI​

ACEA : A3/B4

Appearance Density at 59°F (15°C) Viscosity at  104°F (40°C) Viscosity at  212°F (100°C) Viscosity Index Pour Point in Celsius Flash Point in Celsius High Temperature High Shear

302°F (150°C)
Total Base Number (TBN)
Clear yellowish brown

0.856 g/cm3

89.77 mm2/s

(JIS K 2283)

14.58 mm2/s

(JIS K 2283)


(JIS K 2283)


(JIS K 2269)


(JIS K 2265)


(ASTM D4683)

8.08 mgKOH/g