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Road Rev Sport(RRS)

Street Spec (SS)

Premium Gear (PG)

Road Rev Sport (RRS)


Recommended in JDM large displacement turbos, high output vehicles and foreign vehicles.

  • 5W-40 grade oil was developed in Germany for long drives in high performance, high output engines still currently utilized by Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, VW, Porsche, and considered the viscosity of choice in many European vehicles.
  • Due to its high durability at high temperatures, the oil will protect the engine from heat even in turbo and high horsepower vehicles.  Excellent in cold starts to protect your engine from wear.
  • Engineered to withstand a wide range of oil pressures to protect your engine from daily driving to high speed driving.
  • Having low viscosity allows the oil to travel to all corners of the engine, reducing friction to feel a smooth linear acceleration.
Category: Four wheels engine oil

Type: 100% Synthetic


Purpose: Four Cycle Engine

Viscosity: 5W-40

Equivalent to the following oil service classifications:

SP Grade / LSPI
ACEA : A3/B3, A3/B4

Compatible with the following engine oil quality standards:

MB : 226.5, 229.1, 229.3, 229.5
BMW : Longlife-01
VW/AUDI : 502 00/ 505 00/ 505 01
CHRYSLER : MS-10725, MS-10850, MS-12991
RENAULT : RN 0700, RN0710

Appearance Density at 59°F (15°C) Viscosity at  104°F (40°C) Viscosity at  212°F (100°C) Viscosity Index Pour Point in Celsius Flash Point in Celsius High Temperature High Shear

302°F (150°C)
Total Base Number (TBN)
Clear yellowish brown

0.851 g/cm3

96.02 mm2/s

(JIS K 2283)

16.12 mm2/s

(JIS K 2283)


(JIS K 2283)


(JIS K 2269)


(JIS K 2265)


(ASTM D4683)

8.28 mgKOH/g