R-Hyper Circuit(R-HC)

Road Rev Sport(RRS)

Street Spec (SS)

Premium Gear (PG)

R-Hyper Circuit (RHC)


Recommended for fully tuned track use only cars and supercars! 

  • High viscosity racing oil achieved from optimum ratio of Poly Alpha Olefin (PAO), esters, and Friction Modifiers (FM)
  • Achieving outstanding longevity and engine protection, preventing engine failure in race cars and rally cars.
  • Prolongs maximum horsepower output even in the harshest conditions. Extends the life of your engine performing at its highest potential.
  • The excellent oil shear stability allows the oil to resist any changes in oil viscosity to maintain optimum oil pressures and lubricating properties for an extended period of time.
Category: Four wheels engine oil

Type: 100% Synthetic


Purpose: Four Cycle Engine

Viscosity: 10W-60

Best for BMW M-Series , AMG

Equivalent to the following oil service classifications:

SN Grade
​ACEA : A3/B3, A3/B4

Appearance Density at 59°F (15°C) Viscosity at  104°F (40°C) Viscosity at  212°F (100°C) Viscosity Index Pour Point in Celsius Flash Point in Celsius High Temperature High Shear

302°F (150°C)
Total Base Number (TBN)
Clear yellowish brown



155.6 mm2/s

(JIS K 2283)

25.22 mm2/s

(JIS K 2283)


(JIS K 2283)


(JIS K 2269)


(JIS K 2265)


(ASTM D4683)

8.4 mgKOH/g