Basic Knowledge About Engine Oil

Five Key Motor Oil Roles

The motor oil has multiple tasks of lubricating the interior of the engine and allowing the engine to run smoother. To maintain the engine performing at its prime, it’s best to change the oil periodically.

  1.  Seal

There is a slight gap between the piston, piston ring and the cylinder to allow the piston to move.  An effective motor oil seals this gap to prevent exhaust from leaking to maximize horsepower.

  1. Lubricate

Provides a film of motor oil to coat and reduce friction for a smooth ride.

  1. Cool

To absorb the heat produced from the combustion and the movement of the piston.  It also releases the heat and cools the engine to avoid damage to any of the engine components.

  1. Clean

Motor oil circulates in the engine to wash away harmful debris and particles to keep running at maximum performance.

  1.  Anticorrosive

The thin film the motor oil creates will coat the interior of the engine to protect corrosion due to water or air.

How To Choose The Engine Oil?

1. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended oil viscosity rating

Please refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the recommended oil viscosity.

2. Selecting the base oil from three main types of base oil

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